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Xero Accounting Software

Gold Coast & Adelaide

I Count Beans Accountants & Bookkeepers and our partner Xero can help you make the right choice when it comes to accounting software and help setup the accounting system in your business. As a cloud accounting firm, we use Xero which helps us help our clients in real time, not 12 months in the past.

Xero Cloud Based Accounting Software:

- Bank feeds, no more end of month tedious bank reconciliations. Instead bank feeds are reconciled and matched daily;

- Cloud Based - Check your business financial position from anywhere in the world by just logging into the website.

- Cashflow Management - Easy to view graphs and reports make tracking cash flow a lot easier.

- ATO Compliance - GST returns & Wages information can be generated by Xero at the click of a button.

- Financial Performance Reports - view financial performance reports easily and your 'icountbeans' accountant will explain the numbers and provide you with timely advice.

- We All Share The Same File - The beautiful thing about Xero is that both the client and accountant have access to the accounting software live and therefore we can both talk about the same transactions anywhere in the world (Amazing!!!)

- Budgeting - Finally, a simple budgeting tool that can help you manage your budgeted numbers against your actual numbers (Really simple and really powerful). Your 'iI Count Beans' representative can assist you in creating and tracking budget v actual results in Xero.

Choosing the right  accounting system for your business is an important choice,  there are many different accounting packages available in Australia.  The average accounting firm usually does not know how to improve your accounting systems, which drives inefficiencies and leads to high costs to you. We have invested considerable resources into on-going staff training to ensure we are able to recommend the best accounting solution for your business.

Xero Partners & Experts